Building automation

We carry out a wide range of services from investment to full service of building automation systems, including BMS and HVAC. We are authorized partners of Honeywell and Trend Controls.

Electrical services

We provide comprehensive electrical services from design and consulting through implementation and full service of electrical installations.

Technical building maintenance

We provide comprehensive technical maintenance of building installation and equipment. The range of services is tailored to the customer's expectations and the condition and standard of the property.

Leak and gas detection systems

We are working on solutions of Floodline, OJ Electronics and Gazex. We execute orders comprehensively covering the design, installation, service and maintenance.

Fire alarm systems

We perform fire alarm systems comprehensively from design to installation and maintenance. We offer you solutions from Esser by Honeywell and Polon-Alfa.

Structured cabling

We offer the most optimal solutions for network reliability and data security. We are a certified installer of Schrack Technik.

Optimization of electrical consumption costs

We advise how to use the optimal technical solutions and operate the equipment properly to reduce energy costs.

Thermal measurements

We carry out thermal measurements for power engineering and construction. Measurements are designed to detect anomalies and failures in systems and devices.

Electrical inspections

We conduct periodic and receiving inspections and measurements of electrical installations. Due to the current rules we present test results in the form of protocols.

Supervision of electrical works

Our staff have the necessary authority and experience to act as supervisor of electrical works.

Additional services

In our offer you will also find hire services of aerial work platforms. We provide transport to the site and our operator will perform commissioned works..

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